Randy Takes Pride In The Work He Does..

RE: J&R Waterproofing and Glass Block Windows
I want to let everyone know what an awesome company J&R Waterproofing and Glass Block Windows is. I have known and worked with Randy Moore the owner of J&R Waterproofing and Glass Block Windows for 8 years. Randy is one of the most honest, hard working men that I know. His word is gold…..when he says he is going to do something he does itt. Randy stays “On top” of all of his jobs and gets them done in a very timely manner, making sure to work with the homeowners schedule. He makes sure that his crews are prompt and courteous. If the homeowner has any questions or concerns Randy responds to them immediately.

So many companies and contractors sell the job, hurry through the work and then “disappear” after they collect their money. They do not answer their phone if there is an issue or it has not been done correctly and hope that the owner will just “go away”. Randy takes pride in the work that he does and makes sure that it is done correctly and to the homeowners specifications the first time. If there are any issues Randy makes sure they are addressed and resolved immediately. I have never heard of Randy “ghosting” any of his customers, in fact, Randy goes above and beyond what would normally be expected of him. The guys make sure that everything is cleaned up and all debris has been removed, leaving the areas they work in as clean as it was before the work was started, and sometimes it is even cleaner that they found it originally.

Out of a ten star rating I would definitely give J&R Basement Waterproofing and Glass Block Windows a rating of 10. I highly recommend this company for all of your waterproofing and glass block window needs. I would not even think of using any other company!